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A Crown for 
the Polite Elephant 

First Edition 1983 

Story by Zhu Jiadong 
Illustrations by Du Jianguo 

Printed in the People's Republic of China 

A Crown 

for the Polite Elephant 

From China Children’s Publishing House 

Zhaohua Publishing House 
Beijing, 1983 

One day a little monkey was eating 
bananas and throwing a Way the peels over 
his shoulder. One of the peels landed on the 
head of a bear. 

“What are you 
doing, little monkey?” 
growled the bear. 

“I do whatever I 
like,” the monkey rude- 
ly replied. 

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The bear got ang 
He decided to teach the 
monkey a lesson and 
began running after 

‘What’s your hurry, 

“Quick! Give me 
your bicycle!” 

* - 

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The pig got 
angry. He decided 
to teach the bear a 
lesson and ran af- 
ter him. 

m i 


stopped in rrom 01 
fuse. He kicked open the 
Tng!” The noise startled the 
elephant who lived there. 

The elephant im- 
mediately rushed out of the 
room at the pig’s heel. 

The elephant ran so fast that 
sweat began running down his face. 

“Kerchoo!” The elephant sneezed. He 
blew so hard that it felt like a heavy rain to 
the little monkey who was asleep in the 

The elephant hastened to help 
the little monkey take a bath. 

“Brother elephant/’ said the little 
monkey gratefully, “you are so po- 
lite to me!” 

Then the ™le monkey went 
to the bear’s house and said: 
“Brother bear, I’m sorry I was 
impolite to you just now.” 

The bear went to the little 
pig’s house and said: “Little 
pig, I’m sorry I was impolite to 
you just now” 

“Brother elephant,” said the little pig, 
“I was impolite to you just now. It woi 
have been better manners to knock at 
door before entering.” 

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$'>: R 8-297— 20 (£) 1983^3< 

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